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Site Development & Construction


Our site development and civil construction crews are highly experienced in a variety of construction methods. From large mat type foundations to drilled piers, standard guyed tower anchors and shelter foundations, there's no job too difficult for us. We also perform access road and compound construction, site grounding, electrical and telephone installation and fencing.

Specialized underground contracting crews
RS has the trained crews needed to keep your project connected above and below ground. Each project is unique, but we perform earthwork, foundations, tower erection, line and antenna installation, utility trenching, fencing, site work and construction for shelters.

 Our team is specifically trained on specialized heavy equipment and we employ skilled tradesmen to meet your project needs. We have access to a range of heavy equipment including trenchers, vacuum excavators, rock saws, custom cable handling and material placing equipment. Our customers count on RS for:


    • Site Acquisition
    • Permitting
    • A&E Services
    • Civil Construction
    • Utility Construction
    • Shelter
    • Tower Foundations
    • Site Maintenance
    • Generator Maintenance
    • FAA Lighting
    • Testing

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Our Services

tower foundation

We Construct huge amount of Tower Foundation works cold rolling mill foundation , hot rolling mill foundation, bell furnace foundation , pickling line foundation works etc with precise line , level etc.

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Our Services


We construct heavy shed foundations works to the span of 25 mtr in width & 25 mtr in height.


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Our Services


We prefer the term “preventative maintenance” which allows us to catch and solve a problem before it is too late. You will have confidence in knowing your sites and equipment are safely designed, built and maintained to today’s latest standards by having Hayden Tower Service perform a routine tower site inspection. Our professional process and deliverables enable us to openly and effectively communicate with you on satisfactory items or recommended repairs, then, we take care of those repairs for you..

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