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what is epoxy ?

  • Epoxy is a term that's come to represent a class of materials and the act of using those materials. Epoxy “systems” are based on a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. The final material is strong, durable, resistant, and bonds extremely well to most base layers. Epoxy floors are so strong that they're often used in heavy traffic areas such as industrial environments, hospitals, or sports facilities.

    Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

    If you've ever considered an easy-to-maintain, industrial-grade flooring option, we bet there's an epoxy solution for you! At Performance Industrial, we offer over 30 different epoxy and industrial flooring systems. Here are a few of our most popular:-


    Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors:Self-leveling epoxy is applied over new, old, cracked, or damaged concrete floors to create a smooth, seamless, durable, and low maintenance flooring surface. The self-leveling system is also available in a variety of colors. Colors are used to make decorative designs, denote traffic patterns, or highlight work zones in industrial settings. This system is used when you need aesthetic appeal and/or abrasion, chemical, heat or slip resistance.

    Used it: - manufacturing facilities, warehouses, showrooms, commercial garages, kitchens, aircraft hangars, athletic facilities, and more.

    Epoxy Mortar Floors:Ultra-tough, this is the strongest epoxy floor system available. This high-build, seamless system is made with 100% solids epoxy and graded sand or quartz sand and then troweled into place. Mortar systems are highly impact and chemical-resistant. This system is also effective in repairing old floors because of its high-build process.

    Where we've used it: manufacturing plants, mechanical rooms, warehouses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, garages, and service areas where heavy equipment, such as forklifts, would be used.

    Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors:– Quartz epoxy flooring systems combine high-performance epoxy polymer resin with colored quartz grains. The result is a multi-functional floor that's decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant, and exceptionally durable.

    Where we've used it: locker rooms, restrooms, schools, cafeterias, showrooms, light manufacturing, lobbies, offices, and more.

    Anti-Static Epoxy Floors (ESD Resistant Floors: - Electro-static charge (ESD) can be extremely dangerous in many work environments. Anti-static epoxy flooring helps to reduce static hazards. This flooring system typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain, ground, or dissipate any potential discharge. It's highly recommended in environments that contain flammable materials.

    Where we've used it: Healthcare facilities, electronic, chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities; areas that use flammable gases or liquids or risk combustible dust buildup.

    Epoxy Flake Floors: - Flake floor systems are made when colored chips or flakes are placed within the epoxy to create vibrant, multi-hued, seamless, resilient surfaces. The chips are not only aesthetically pleasing, but their slightly rough surface reduces slips and falls. The flakes are available in an endless variety of colors, styles, textures, and sizes and can be mixed into the combination of your choice.

    Where we've used it: commercial kitchens, locker rooms, sports venues, automotive showrooms, veterinarian clinics, laundromats, and more.


    Epoxy And Industrial Flooring

    New construction, epoxy floor repairs, or specialized designs , Performance Industrial will customize our seamless, industrial flooring systems to meet your specific needs. We work within your schedule with focused attention to detail. Each of our flooring experts has more than 20 years experience and provides exceptional workmanship. 

    Our  epoxy flooring systems  are easy to clean and maintain and can be installed over existing coatings or used to resurface old or worn concrete. Our seamless flooring systems are available in a variety of colors and designs with a choice of finishes such as matte, satin, high-gloss, and slip-resistance.

    Preparation and Installation

    Developed by engineers, we have a unique moisture mitigating process that eliminates vapor pressure and bond line adhesion problems. In fact, we have a number of specialized processes and preparation techniques that ensure your floor will shine.

    Preparation techniques:  captive metal shot blasting, vacuum diamond grinding, sanding, scarification, and hand diamond grinding.

    Installation techniques:  trowel-down, multi-coat rolled out, broadcast, slurry, and epoxy mortar cove bases.

  • Systems Right Solutions offer:

    •  Self-leveling

    •  Polyurea

    •  High build decorative chip

    •  Trowel down

    •  Chemical resistant

    •  High build colored quartz filled

    •  Moisture mitigation

    •  UV Resistant

    •  Anti-microbial

    •  ESD anti-static floors

    •  High build colored and multi-colored

    •  Slip resistant

    •  Epoxy

    •  Thermal shock resistant Stain resistant

    •  Urethane

    •  Impact and abrasion resistant

    •  Cementitiousunderlayments and resurfacers

  • In-laid graphics and logos :

    •  Polished and stained concrete

    •  Safety lines and traffic demarcation

    Where Right Solutions work:

    •  Warehouses

    •  Emergency vehicle stations

    •  Vet clinics and kennels

  • Manufacturing areas

    •  Healthcare facilities

    •  Locker rooms

    •  Kitchens

    •  Outdoor decks

    •  Stadiums and arenas

    •  Laboratories and clean rooms

    •  Hallways, walkways, and stairways

    •  Heavy forklift/steel cart areas


  • Pool decks (interior and exterior)

    •  Cafeterias and dining areas

    •  Chemical containment areas

    •  Bathrooms and shower areas

    •  Automobile showrooms

    •  Machine shops

    •  Food processing facilities

    •  Hospital morgues

    •  Pharmaceutical processing facilities

    •  Automobile service bays Supermarkets...

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WHY CHOOSE epoxy flooring ?

Epoxy floor coating makes renders concrete exceptionally durable. They also offer benefits of anti-fatigue and can be easily rolled-out on the cement without mortar or glue. Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks


How much does it cost to epoxy a floor?

A professionally installed epoxy floor typically costs 140-400 rs a sq/ft, depending on the type of epoxy used and number of coats applied, and the application method

Is the epoxy waterproof ?

Marine Epoxy is a permanent, waterproof adhesive. The 2-part formula is ideal for projects requiring high bonding strength on surfaces exposed to water immersion. The adhesive can be applied and will cure underwater. It can be used on glass, metal, wood and other common materials.

Can you paint over epoxy floor paint ?

If you are unsure of compatibility or have curing or adhesion problems with a specific bottom paint, use only a primer recommended for that bottom paint over the barrier coat. ... It is not often used as a post-production finish coating, but it can be applied over epoxy and is useful in some repair situations.

What is the best paint for a pool?

Epoxy pool paint, which is solvent-based, is the longest lasting and most resistant to chemicals, stains and abrasion. It has a life expectancy of up to 8 years and dries to a durable satin finish. Epoxy can be used on previously unpainted concrete, plaster, fiberglass, and gunite pools.

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