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RIGHT SOLUTIONS painting services


Your home requires to appear beautiful and stylish to make your guests get amused every time they look at the smooth finishing of walls with high quality colors. RIGHT SOLUTIONS paints will professionally paint the walls elegantly and give it a perfection to transform the appearance of your uninteresting walls into enticing.

The mission is to provide utmost professional house painting services in prompt, protect and preserve the floors as well as our liaisons, building up a strong and enduring bonding with our steadfast clients who consider us one of their family members, and most importantly to elegantly bring a revolution in the sector of home paintings experiences by providing state-of-the-art, hassle free and warranted services.

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our process

As a painting contractor, USA Painting Services has worked with home and business owners, property managers and builders creating customized interiors and exteriors.. Our business has grown, but our personalized service has remained constant.

Taking Appointments

. Exact Painting estimate- Budget understanding- Answering Queries.Start and finish on time.Provide a total commitment to all details.Stand behind our work.Pledge an assurance of high quality.And if you are not entirely satisfied with the job, we’ll make it right.Best Value for your Money.

colour consultant

We follow a simple color consultation process for both residential and commercial clients. First, our expert team will visit your property to assess the space that needs to be painted. Next, we’ll speak with you to learn about your style preferences. We’ll then take into consideration the size of the area to be painted, its light exposure, your particular architectural style and the colors and designs of any furniture or trim work that will be present.


Starts with covering furniture - sofa, tables, cabinets, switch boards, other elements like television sets, fans, refrigerators and the floors! All wall hangings to be removed and anything that doesnt require even a drop of paint over it,to be masked.Well prepared surafce is the foundation to long lasting painting results. Loose plaster & paint flakes to be removed. Sanding is done to remove existing coat of paint and to ensure surface is dry,free from dust .

Post painting services

1 year service against Warranty. + 4 years post painting service on a No Profit Model. It’s like serving you till your next painting..

painting SERVICES in kolkata

Our Services

residential painting :

Putty Touch up : For Smooth Walls

Putty is a white-cement based compound,applied on dry walls and ceiling, to fill in pores and smoothen the surface. Minor Holes and cracks on the surface will be filled and undulations evened out by touch ups,provided wall condition is overall good.

Priming : The Guardian Coat

Primers help paint adhere to the surface,and thus improves paint coverage and creates uniform appearance in terms of colour and sheen. Priming can never be skipped, when using paints with higher sheen(gloss).

Finishing Touches :

Paints produce that final finish and colour of the surface. Before deciding on the product, end requirements in term sof functionality and appearance, must be considered. Minimum of 2 coats will be applied to achieve durable, consistent layer.



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Our Services

interior & exterior painting :

Our interior & exterior house painters in kolkata will make sure to give your home or business the best interior painting services you could dream of. Not only do we offer superior house interior painting, we also offer commercial interior painting. Our interior painting company will help your business sparkle and give it an appearance your clients will love!

Our general practices :

Due to conditions that may not be observable at the time of evaluation, additional repairs/costs may become necessary.

Deteriorated glazing compound around windows will be replaced, and window sashes will be razored clean and washed (if applicable).

When the job is completed, paint residue and debris will be cleaned up and taken away. Unused paint will be labeled and left at job site.

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Our Services

commercial painting :

If you own a small or big business in Kolkata, you know the importance of a workspace that’s professional and welcoming. Whether you want to impress a potential client, attract top talent to take your business to the next level, or draw in customers to your retail or restaurant business, you know that cracked paint, broken wood, and dreary colors make people turn around before they’re even in the door


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