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Waterproofing services

what is waterproofing membrane?

  • A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of water-tight material that is laid over a surface. This layer is continuous and does not allow water to pass through it. For example, on a flat terrace, a waterproofing membrane could be laid above the structural slab and below the finish tiles. This will ensure that water does not seep into the structural slab. The tiles and membrane must be laid over a filler material that is sloped to ensure that water flows into sumps and drains. Any water that remains as puddles over the tiles is likely to seep into the slab over time, so puddles are to be avoided at all costs.

    These membranes are composed of thin layers of waterproof material. Most are about 2 to 4mm thick. There are essentially 2 types of membranes, sheet based membranes and liquid applied membranes.Ideally, a waterproofing membrane should be strong, flexible, tear-resistant and elastic so that it can stretch to cover cracks and also move with the building. If the membrane is to be exposed to the sun, then it should be UV stable. The membrane should be flexible enough to take any shape it is laid over, and be capable of turning up and over walls and other construction features.


  • where are membranes used?

  • Membranes can be used in the following parts of a building:
    • over terrace slabs and balconies
    • in toilets
    • underneath and around basements
    • in concrete water tanks (use a food safe membrane)
    • in swimming pools
    • over landscaped concrete decks, between the soil and concrete
    • ​in gutters

waterproofing services in kolkata

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Leakproofing process : We slove toilet bathroom leakages problems Without any breakages with this method . it takes 2 to 3 hours to done . in this method we trace the actual Faults and slove them . we take 15 days testing from the day of work completion. As per our policy after successful testing we provide warranty bond to our client.

Waterproofing Procees : In This process we need to break toilet bathroom floor area and do the new brick batt coba waterproofing with chemical proofing process . This method take 7 days to complete We do the water ponding test for 24 hours . After successful water ponding test and waterproofing process as per our policy we provide Guarrenty bond to our client. know more
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The services offered by us is long lasting and find application in new and old buildings, terrace. We take care of all the pre-requisites before undertaking the waterproofing of the terraces. These are done as per the requirement of our clients bearing in mind their specifications.

We provide Brick Batt Coba waterproofing Service . We use terrace Chemical proofing process as follows :
A) Polymer Acrylic cementitous chemical coating B) Polyacrylic cementitous Sandwich textile membrance chemical coating C) Acrylic waterproof chemical coating D) Tarbased waterproof Liquid membrance chemical coating E) Polyurethane waterproof chemical coting F) Rubberised waterproof chemical coating
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We have a solution that without breaking of plaster of external walls we can give a waterproofing solution by application of paint. We also use elastomeric paint, polyurethanes, polysulfides and polymers of various companies for external wall waterproofing. Surface preparation and applying hydrophobic, breathable sealer treatment that impregnates deep inside the surface due to low surface tension and is resistant to the alkalinity of cement plastered surface. The treatment will bridge the hairline cracks and prevent ingress of moisture and capillary condensation on the surface and increase the life of the paint. It will also prevent the hairline cracks from becoming more visible due to accumulation of dirt and give better bonding to the paint. Impregnation with oligomeric alkyl alkoxy.

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There are 2 types of dampness Dry & Wet .We trace the sorce of the water moisture and solve it . then we use the silicon gel chemical process to treat affected walls after this we treat the wall with damp proof chemical coat .

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Our Water Tank Waterproofing service includes internal waterproofing for over head waterproofing tank and external wall waterproofing.In internal

waterproofing for tank, we cover internal and external structural membranes with a layer of quality cement mortar. This is carried out by a team of professionals, which follows streamline methodology that includes breaking RCC surface, curing and preparatory work such as hacking out loose concrete cover. In external waterproofing, we apply one coat of primer and two coat of elastomeric waterproofing coating on the prepared surface as per approved shade and color to avoid leakagknow more
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It is our intent to make our client’s life easier by addressing all of their waterproofing needs and ensuring their buildings stay water tight. We have a team of experts who offer Building Waterproofing services using sophisticated technology to keep building dry. We realized that the most of the damages were due to ingress of water into the structure. we provide our clients with most reliable and effective waterproofing solutions.

Internal floor levels are lower than external ground levels .

Neighboring structures or properties are constructed at different levels

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We are cleaning the surface from dust; mortar splashes loose materials etc to get a sound concrete surface. Repairing of all cracks and honey combing with epoxy putty or rich cement sand mortar admixed with waterproofing admixture. In case of cement mortar repairing sealant treatment should start after 28 days of repairing. Expansion Joint Treatment Clean the joint with wire brush, nylon brush and air if possible. Filling polystyrene based back-up rod in the joint to hold the sealant.

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We provide Swimming Pool Waterproofing to clients in order to prevent pool from any sort of damage.Our company provides all types of waterproofing for swimming pools so that all edges are sealed and no leakage occurs, which saves damage from water to the underlying structure. Our experts use coating, which converts hard and rough pool to smooth and slip resistance swimming pool. We provide this service to make client’s pool aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. We offering world class waterproofing service at reasonable price. Due to best quality and cost effectiveness, our waterproofing service is preferred by numerous clients.

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Epoxy is a permanent, waterproof adhesive. The 2-part formula is ideal for projects requiring high bonding strength on surfaces exposed to water immersion. The adhesive can be applied and will cure underwater. It can be used on glass, metal, wood and other common materials.READ MORE

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WHat is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the combination of materials used to prevent water intrusion into the structural elements of a building or its finished spaces. Its main purpose is to resist hydrostatic pressure exerted by moisture in the liquid state. Waterproofing membranes consist of waterproof plastic, rubber, or coated-fabric materials. The materials are used in a system to prevent the ingress of water into foundations, roofs, walls, basements, buildings, and structures when properly installed. The term dampproofing is often confused with waterproofing, however, dampproofing is a system designed to resist the flow of moisture in a gaseous state i.e. water vapor.


What is sheet membrane waterproofing??

Sheet Waterproofing Products. MEL-ROL waterproofing system is a flexible, versatile, dependable, roll-type waterproofing membrane. It is composed of a nominally 56 mil thick layer of polymeric waterproofing membrane on a heavy-duty, 4 mil thick, cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film.

Is the epoxy waterproofING ?

Marine Epoxy is a permanent, waterproofing adhesive. The 2-part formula is ideal for projects requiring high bonding strength on surfaces exposed to water immersion. The adhesive can be applied and will cure underwater. It can be used on glass, metal, wood and other common materials.

What is elastomeric and fabric waterproofing?

Elastomeric used as a premium waterproofing or damp proofing coating on concrete block (CMU) foundation walls. The elastomeric membrane formed is characterized by its high solids content while retaining a relatively high degree of workability.And fabric waterproofing is Lay out your pillows on a piece of cardboard to protect from overspray. Then lightly spray the entire surface of the pillow with the waterproof spray, holding the can 6 to 8 away from your fabric as you spray

What is AAP AND sbs waterproofing ?

APP stands for Atactic Polypropylene which is a waterproofing membrane manufactured from modified bitumen with the addition of plastomers. The membranes can have fiberglass or polyester as reinforcement.Firestone SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems incorporate a synthetic rubber-based technology which yields exceptional flexibility, even in extremely low temperatures. SBS membranes may be installed in hot asphalt, cold adhesive or heat welded.

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